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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2006 Stiletto Flash Contest
Honorable Mention

Poison Angel

“My lord. Nicodemus.”

The voice was soft with fear. Fear for him.

His sweet angel of death had arrived.

Rising from the floor, he opened his arms in welcome. “My Angel.”

With a cry, she embraced him, her small hands clutching at his bloody shirt.

“They’ve tortured you,” she whispered.

He dropped his chin to the top of her head. One hand pressed her close while the other gently stroked the obsidian silk of her hair.

“Fear not.” He tilted her chin, forcing her to look up at him. Bright green eyes, cold as emeralds, glittered with unshed tears in her pale face.

He gave her a chilling smile. “Revenge is sweet. They will pay.”

“Yes,” she whispered, her glossy black lips curving into a smile that mirrored his own. “They are fools to think they could kill one such as you.”

He dipped his head and tasted her poison lips. His creation. Forged from his own heart’s blood and dark magic. She was beautiful death to all but him. With a groan he slipped inside her moist heat, stroking her tongue with his, sucking and caressing, making love to her mouth.

She held him tight, bent one knee to hook around the back of his thigh, and writhed against the hard length of his erection.

“Yes, my Angel,” he whispered in her ear.

He pressed her back to the wall and reverently opened her robe. She was naked underneath, a painted masterpiece on soft ivory canvas.

He knelt in front of her, stroking his hands up her rib cage, over her hips, down the silken expanse of her thighs. The intricate shapes decorating her body shimmered, responding to his touch. Each one called out to him, competing for his attention, begging to be chosen.

“Which one, my Angel? How shall they die?”

She looked down at him through a parted waterfall of silken hair.

“Filthy vermin,” she hissed.

“And they will die as such.”

“This one,” she said softly, caressing a design on her pelvic bone.

He pulled her hand away and replaced it with his lips. The stiletto dagger undulated on her skin, singing sweetly to him.

He smiled and whispered ancient words as his Angel’s hands tangled in his hair. Increasing the tempo of the spell, he slipped one long finger inside the velvety heat between her legs. She moaned softly, then gasped as he inserted another and began slowly stroking in and out.

When the dagger rippled under his lips, he lowered his head to her slick, hot center, licking and suckling until her orgasm crested, pulsing around the fingers that continued stroking inside her.

“Ahhh! Nicodemus!”

“Oh, my Angel. My sweet salvation!”

He took a long, slow taste of her desire and smiled. In his other hand he now clutched the cold, deadly length of a poisoned dagger.

“Time for vengeance. How they will regret granting me one last night of carnal pleasure.”

“Oh yes, my lord!

Her bright green eyes blazed with malice.

I’m originally from the Bahamas but currently live in the USA. I’ve always had a love of art and books, and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to one day be an artist and/or author. I spend the majority of my time creating art with programs like Poser, Vue and Paint Shop Pro. I love everything to do with Science Fiction and Fantasy, so it’s no suprise that those genres dominate both my artwork and my stories. Writing erotica is new for me and I’ve found that I enjoy it very much. Being selected as a finalist for the 2006 Stiletto Flash Contest is a huge thrill for me and I hope very much that you enjoyed reading “Poison Angel”!

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2006 Stiletto Flash Contest
Honorable Mention