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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2006 Stiletto Flash Contest
Honorable Mention

If I Had Fingers

‘If I had a cock ... ’

‘Not this again.’

‘... I tell you, I would fuck her good,’ the right shoe hissed.

‘Yeah, right,’ the left replied, ‘and how are you going to grow a penis?’

‘Oh, I don’t know,’ right shoe sighed dreamily. Sally lolled on the bed in her underwear, painting her nails for the party. ‘But when I do she will squeal, for sure.’

‘Yeah. Right.’

‘Just watch her; rolling around in her skimpies, thinking no-one is lookin’. Oh, it’d have unbelievable girth and ... ’

‘What would?’

‘My cock.’

‘You’re a shoe,’ the left reminded wearily.

‘Ssshhh, she’s coming.’

The pair lay motionless by the wardrobe. Sally dressed quickly and slipped a foot into each stiletto in turn, the right shoe groaning out of her earshot as she caressed the small silver buckle, strapping it to her foot.

‘I fucking love bondage,’ the shoe said, relaxing its leather and staring up Sally’s skirt with yearning wonder.

At three a.m. Sally stumbled into the apartment and collapsed on her bed, giggling as Nathan came in the room.

‘Can you see anything?’ left shoe whispered. The stilettos were still on Sally’s feet, dangling off the bed.

‘He’s climbing onto her,’ right shoe said.

Nathan tugged Sally’s skirt up, unzipped his pants and eased his cock free.

‘I’d be bigger,’ the watching stiletto muttered as it saw Nathan part Sally’s legs roughly, holding them open with his knees. He ripped her thong down to reveal enough bare crotch and surged forward, desperately trying to enter Sally as she wriggled drunkenly.

‘Ow, Nath! Nath, it hurts.’

‘Stay fucking still then.’

The right shoe watched enviously as Nathan grasped his shaft and held Sally down with his free arm. The tip of his cock managed to graze the dry slit of her pussy and Nathan grunted, forcing his seven inches up her. Sally cried out as Nathan pushed her legs up onto his shoulders. The stilettos could hear the quickening slap, slap, slap of his balls against Sally and her begging him to slow down.

After a volley of moans, Nathan relaxed and rolled off Sally, panting.

‘Pathetic!’ right shoe declared. ‘No style, no class; where was the technique?’

‘And you’d do better?’ left shoe whispered. ‘Go on then, how would you fuck her, Romeo?’

‘If I had fingers, I’d ... I’d take her clit between finger and thumb and rub in a circle gently, provoking an utter wetness, then slip three digits up her pussy; hollow her out. If I had a tongue, I’d dive in while my fingers made her writhe. If I had a cock I’d part her pussy lips and push just the swelled head in her, stretching that tight little hole to accommodate me. She’d beg for each of my ten inches as I fed them up her one by one. We’d rock, basting in her juices till she screamed my name, Shoe! Shoe! Yes, yes! Oh, if I had fingers.’

‘You’re fucked up,’ the left said.

I am twenty-five, fulltime mum to two after giving birth on the 7th Feb. I don’t know whether pregnancy aids an erotic writer but the lack of bedroom activity for the last few months seems to have spurred me on.

I write in what little spare time I have, no specific genres – just whatever takes my fancy. When time permits, I hope to make freelance writing, erotica included, more of a job than a hobby, and I hope to train as a life coach next year.

On returning home with my new baby daughter, I was so pleased to find out I’d got into the last ten, I cried. Any feedback of my work is more than welcome; just bear in mind my post-natal hormones are all over the place, so don’t be too mean.

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Desdmona's Erotic Story Contests
2006 Stiletto Flash Contest
Honorable Mention