2005 Shivering Short Story Contest Winners

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The stories we receive in our erotic story contests continue to amaze us. Our Shivering Short Story Contest attracted more than a hundred stories from around the world. The judges had to pick the best of the bunch, a difficult task with so many excellent stories to choose from.

It was interesting to see what the authors did with the winter theme. There were the obvious difficulties of winter: cold, snow, ice, howling winds, danger. And there were the romantic aspects: fireplaces, isolated log cabins, and the removal of multiple layers of clothing and thermal underwear. Nearly every story submitted to the contest had an interesting spin on the theme. It was hard to come up with just ten winners. But we know you’ll enjoy these stories.

Winter is often characterized by difficulties traveling. Sean MacReady and (disqualified) wrote stories with airplane delays playing central roles. Marie Lyn’s character has a car accident in southern Ohio’s hazardous winter roads. In crystal jade’s “Hidden,” a woman gets lost during a walk on snow-covered trails. A snowmobiler “saves” a man from a trek through the snow in Barron Rivers’ “Snow Blower.”

The paraphernalia of cold weather also showed up in many stories. Cynthia Raine uses an icicle, while Shanna Germain makes excellent use of a snowman.

J. Hadleigh Alex did an excellent job describing the shock of winter’s biting cold in “Search in Snow.” Holly Graham’s “The Fog of War” was set in a more temperate clime, where the fog and damp created a perfect backdrop for more complex issues. And Sara Black, in the funniest story of the contest, reminded us that winter is also the time for preparing our tax returns.

So curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and read our Shivering Short Story winners. We guarantee that they’ll warm your bones!

First Prize: Let it Snow, by Syrriah

Shanna Germain shows us how building a relationship can be as fragile as building a snowman. Outside forces come and go and always leave a mark. In this short tale, we grow to love Jack and Robyn. We laugh with them. We cry with them. We care about the marks.

Second Prize: Sex and Taxes, by Sarah Black

Nita is the owner of The Sweet Stuff, the most outrageous candy store in town. This story follows the chain of events after the mayor’s wife meets with a confectioner’s accident. Sarah Black proves that being politically correct can be darn funny, and also very sexy.

Third Prize: Snow Blower, by Barron Rivers

Rev up the engine on the snowmobile, you’re going for a ride. Barren Rivers whisks us through the countryside, but joy rides have consequences and no one is ever as they appear. This story is cold and fast and shocking.

Honorable Mentions

Oh, Ohio!, by Marie Lyn

A woman driving through Ohio on her way to a family Christmas gathering hits a stretch of black ice and spins off the road. She is saved by a local farmer, but the mix of invisible ice and red hot sex puts her in a frame of mind to analyze her relationships. Marie Lyn draws a character full of wonderful, vigorous detail, a person deep enough to be self-contradictory and utterly, utterly real.

The Fog of War, by Holly Vitale

A young woman sneaks out of her bedroom window to meet the object of her teenage lust. The high school parking lot is cold, dark, and foggy, and Marya has a lot on her mind. This is what happens when teenagers play adult games. The atmosphere of impending doom created by Holly Graham surrounds Marya as the first salvos in the war between the sexes is fired.

Hidden, by crystal jade

Carolyn has been alone in her soul all her life. A snowstorm leaves her searching for her dog and some peace. crystal jade delivers a striking story of surprises about self-discovery.

Treasures, by Sean MacReady

Teenagers think they know everything. Laurie is no different, but she’s about to discover there are still a few family secrets. Sean MacReady does a beautiful job of showing us a young girl who makes mistakes, but she can learn and grow from them with the help of loving parents

Fucking Jack Frost, by Cynthia Rayne

Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. Cynthia Rayne has brought a whole new meaning to those Irving Berlin lyrics. Cassie is the older sister and she’s out to protect Susie, no matter what the cost. The girl’s got moxie.

Search in Snow, by J. Hadleigh Alex

When a woman wanders the city streets during a snow storm, she catches the attention of a suspicious police officer. Officer Walowski makes the citizen prove she is not a threat to public safety. “Search in Snow” is short and to the point. J. Hadleigh Alex will bowl you over with the sensory overload of cold, winter weather.

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