2006 Stiletto Flash Contest Winners

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Our Stiletto Flash Contest is a milestone of sorts. This is our tenth contest, and in many ways, it has been our best contest ever.

Once again, we were lucky enough to receive a ton of entries, and the quality of writing was phenomenal. Our judges, Desdmona and Sarah Black, had a difficult job picking just ten stories from the deserving entries. Many more stories deserved some kind of recognition, and it’s a shame we only had a few prizes to give out. However, be on the lookout over the next few months. Stiletto stories will be cropping up everywhere, and we’re sure you’ll see some of the near-miss stories in other publications. They were that good.

But that doesn’t take away from our winners. These are ten flashy bits of flash.

That’s the trick to writing anything in only 500 words. How do you make it sexy? How do you incorporate a stiletto?

Sexy women wearing heels was the rule of the day. “Spitshine,” by Ann Rosenquist Fee, has a woman giving the shoeshine guy at the airport a thrill. In PleaseCain’s atmospheric “How I Became the California Kid,” it’s a prize fighter who’s the beneficiary. Calyx, who wrote “Fetish 1,” is about a stripper who knows exactly what the customer wants.

Put a character in a difficult position, and in the hands of a skilled author, the story seems to write itself. Some were unique, like the man running the pneumatic drill at high altitude in Rand Kline’s “The Bridge.” Allesia Brio puts a priest in a precarious position in “Memento.” And “Window Fog,” by Trinity Wolf, is told by a woman watching her cheating husband cheat.

In a contest full of fetishes, “Pierced,” by Lisa Sandys, took it an extra step by putting the man in heels. And in a contest full of memorable characters, L.S. Williams’ “The Fuck-Up” was the character we remembered most.

A few genre pieces showed up on our list his contest, too. “Poison Angel,” by Neyjour, may be the first true fantasy story we’ve ever had on our winner list. And humor always has a place in flash. Kitty Stripes story “If I Had Fingers” is a hilarious look at sex from the perspective of a high heel shoe.

When you read these winning stories, you’ll agree, these are ten great pieces of sexy flash. Let the authors know you enjoyed their work.

First Prize: Spitshine, by Ann Rosenquist Fee

We pass him all the time when we travel—the shoeshine guy. We may even wonder about his job, but in “Spitshine,” we learn it has its perks.

Second Prize: How I Became the California Kid, by PleaseCain

The Kid gets a knock-out blow from Mamie Denver, the California dame in mink and stilettos.

Third Prize: Fetish 1, by Calyx

Stilettos—what’s all the fuss about? “Fetish 1” will have you not only understanding, but signing up for the secret handshake meetings.

Honorable Mentions

The Bridge, by Rand Kline

From the nose of an American bomber, Fantasy walks across the clouds in cherry-red stilettos. Hiro follows her his whole life, across this world and into the next

Memento, by Alessia Brio

What really happens behind the thick wooden doors of a confessional? Sin. Stiletto. They blend together beautifully in “Memento.”

Window Fog, by Trinity Wolf

A mournful howl of longing and lust, “Window Fog” tells the story of a woman locked out on the wrong side of the window.

Poison Angel, by Neyjour

She was beautiful death to all but him. A masterpiece of malice and his instrument of revenge, the Poison Angel was forged from his own black heart.

The Fuck-Up, by L.S. Williams

Felipe was a fuck-up. Nose to the floor and face to face with a pointed heel, a smart madrileno would have held his breath. But Felipe, he couldn’t help but reach out...

Pierced, by Lisa Sandys

No excuses, no rationalizations. “Pierced” proves there’s nothing sexier than self-confidence and being happy for who you are.

If I Had Fingers, by Kitty Stripes

Can stilettos be funny? “If I Had Fingers” says not only can they be funny but sexy, too, in a wishful pairs sort of way.

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