2004 Fishnet Flash Contest Winners

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What more can I say? We’re basking in the afterglow of our third erotic story contest, and it was our most successful contest yet. Fishnet Flash? Who would have guessed? Not only did we receive more stories (280) from more authors (200) than our first two contests, but the quality of the writing astounded us. Picking winners among the deserving entries was far more difficult than any other contest we’ve judged.

Stockings. Everywhere we looked, stockings. Pantyhose, thigh-highs, knee-highs, argyles, and ankle socks. White stockings, black stockings, fishnets, and silks. Garter belts, stiletto heels, corsets. And you’d be amazed at the number of women out there who don’t wear panties with their fancy leg wear.

Narrowing the field down was brutal. Tossing aside anything that wasn’t absolutely stunning still left us with forty-some stories to choose from. Then the hard work really began.

As judges, Souvie and I combed through these excellent stories, trying to find some obscure reason to prefer one over the other. Stockings were a tad too incidental? Gone! Not quite sexy enough? Good bye! A little too much like some other story? Au revoir! The cuts hurt. We had to toss out so many great stories, stories I’m sure will have no problem finding publishing opportunities elsewhere.

Finally, we were able to choose our winners. Ten beautiful, sexy stories. I have no doubt you will enjoy them.

In “Good Service,” Adrian S. Potter served us well with a horny woman in a bar with her stockings wrapped around her knees. We loved Esther Haze’s trophy girlfriend in “Twenty-Five Euros” who only wanted one thing from her sugar daddy: fishnets! Bryn Haniver’s fishnet-entangled mermaid in “Hexaplex on the Beach” stimulated more than our imagination. Of the many stories featuring men wearing stockings, Faeth Lyon-Wall’s “Vanilla Silk” was our favorite. Carmine’s “War Memento” gave us a story without stockings – but you have to read it to understand. “Les Belles Amies” from Laura Thorne gave us visions of what those cancan performers do when they aren’t posing for Toulouse-Lautrec posters. Smokey Sexsmith’s “Barelegged Angel” shows us how stockings can be used to halt a young man’s descent into a life of crime.

The three top stories were truly special. I challenge you to read “Running With Scissors, in Bed” by PleaseCain and not feel a tear in your eye. The heroine in Selena Jardine’s “Hook and Ladder” gave it to us straight, showing us the darker side of life and forcing us to see her world. And Helena Settimana, our grand prize winner, took our breath away in “dirty, unwashed” with a tale singing the praises of well-worn, pungent, unwashed stockings.

These are ten marvelous stories. Read them. Salivate over them. We did. And be sure to send a note to the authors telling them you enjoyed their work.

And when you’re done, take out those sexy fishnet stockings you have hidden in the back of that drawer. Try them on, and then go make a story of your own.

Until the next time,



Read what the judges have to say about the winning stories.

First Prize: dirty, unwashed, by Helena Settimana

The title says it all. The author proves that there’s nothing more raw and earthy than the smell of man and woman and sex. It’s hard to forget once you’ve been there. But maybe you don’t have to forget. Distinctive. Provocative. Hot.

Second Prize: Hook and Ladder, by Selena Jardine

She’s gritty and not the girl you want to bring home to mom. But still, she’s irresistible. The author takes us to a seedy side of town, plops us down, and then waits for us to squirm. And squirm we do, not just because we’re titillated, but also because it’s a part of life we like to pretend doesn’t exist. Excellent character. Excellent voice. Excellent story.

Third Prize: Running With Scissors, in Bed, by PleaseCain

I rarely cry when reading sex stories. There wasn’t a story in the whole bunch that touched me like this one did.

A man buys his wife stockings and heels. So what, right? Well, what if she’s ill? If you think that a couple can’t face the worst and come out the better in spite of it, then you need to read this story.

Honorable Mentions

Barelegged Angel, by Smokey Sexsmith

What’s the best way to stall a young man’s life of crime? Give him what he asks for. This story has layer upon layer of fascinating details – too many to catch in one reading. The author uses double entendres like an expert and gives us a scrumptious taste of the new noire. It sizzles.

Les Belles Amies, by Laura Thorne

One of the most erotic stories I read. The redressing with the stockings was so sexy. We had many stories in which the stockings were removed, but to have them gently put on by a lover made this one stand out. The reference at the end had me smiling; it tidied everything up in a nice erotic package of silk and desire.

War Memento, by Carmine

Even not understanding some of the lingo won’t detract from your enjoyment of this story. It was the only story to not use stockings and still qualify! No sex, borderline erotic, but still there was something about it that wouldn’t leave me alone. I liked the banter between the main characters, and I liked the way the author implied a liaison without coming out and detailing it. The ending had me laughing aloud and wishing I’d been the one to write it!

Vanilla Silk, by Faeth Lyon-Wall

He wants more than his “vanilla” wife will give him, so he sets up an appointment with a dominatrix. Simple and cliche, right? Wrong! There are so many subtle elements to this story, but I don’t know where to begin and I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just say that even suburbia isn’t without its dark side. The build up is so subtle that when I read the end, I sat back and said, “Holy cow!” And then I read it again.

Hexaplex on the Beach, by Bryn Haniver

Only pirates and mermaids show up at a beach party, right? This story gives us a light-hearted look at how to impress a girl by just being yourself. And it proves that “Latin is so sexy!”

Twenty-Five Euros, by Esther Haze

A woman, knowing she might just be the fashion for the moment, makes a choice. This story is smart and sensual. The author wraps a tale of sex and money neatly inside a pair of fishnet stockings. It begs us all to answer what would we choose?

Good Service, by Adrian S. Potter

You might say it’s predictable – man in the bar having a good time, oblivious to the fact that his wife/lover/fiancée is getting it on with his best friend/the bartender/the bouncer/a waitress. It’s the imagery, the word play, the perfect ending that makes this story as far from predictable as you can get. Never before has a story made me want to go out and get a french manicure or wear my hair in a ponytail. Why, you ask? Well, don’t just sit there, read it and find out!

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