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We were making contact, man. Melding. Our minds and souls were coming together. We were poets and artists, soldiers and waitresses. We lived in communes and on the streets of Haight-Ashbury. Even those of us living in middle America, man, we were aching for it. And what were we aching for? We were aching for the touch of another human being; but it was more than just that, man. It was the Sixties, we had youth, we had principles, and we had ambitions to change the world.

But even if our dreams were big, our lives were still lived in the here and the now, and with the one on one. And that’s where the stories of Desdmona’s Sixties Erotic Story Contest shined brightest. Living our personal relationships with the backdrop of history.

Sit back, mellow out, and take a peek at these sexy stories from Sixties. They’re very, very cool.

First Prize: Savage Nights, by Alicia Night Orchid

Second Prize: Three Days in New Mexico, by Elazarus

Third Prize: When Camel met Allen, by Corey Mesler

Honorable Mentions

Mexicali Blues, by Charles Colyott

Give Peace a Chance, by Michael K. Willis

The Balance of Power, by Maria Padhila

Plaster Caster, by Alana Noel Voth

Rules of Engagement, by Shane Saint John

The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees, by P.S. Haven

Acid Blue, by Desiree Donovan

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