2005 Fragrant Flash Contest Winners

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If our contest entries are any indication, smell is a very important sense when it comes to sex!

We received more than 250 stories in our Fragrant Flash erotic story contest. That’s 250 stories, none of them more than 300 words. And in nearly every entry we were able to experience a thick aroma, or a wisp of a scent, or the stench of an odor. And, in the large majority of entries, that scent was tied to sex.

We saw a lot of stories featuring the flowery smells: jasmine, lavender, and roses. And apparently the mouth-watering smells of baking and spices and vanilla cause a good number of you to salivate. Many stories mentioned how the sense of smell often triggers memories.

Some of the best stories we received are also some of the funniest we’ve ever had in our flash contests. Sarah Black’s “The Intervention,” be287m’s “Can You Help A Guy Out?” and Audrey West’s “The Essence of Hog in the Air” had us laughing out loud.

And even in stories that were not specifically humorous, their wonderfully ironic endings are sure to bring smiles to your faces. Toni’s “Working Holiday,” Jim Baker’s “Noisome Nooky” layered their irony on top of what we’d normally consider unpleasant smells; Nicole Singer’s “Wild Ride” used nicer aromas as a backdrop; and Bryn Haniver’s “Scented Lure”... well, you’ll just have to read that one to see for yourself.

And then there were the stories that were simply unlike any other. We loved C.B. Allen’s “Sweetness” for the unique and poetic way of describing the smells of a lover. Rae Mason’s “Of Your Flesh” brought some unusual olfactory descriptions into an unusual setting. And Leigh Amore’s “Asparagi Selvatici” used perhaps the strangest smell of any story in the contest.

We’d like to thank each and every person who took the time to enter our contest. In the future, we hope there is a way to share all the submissions with interested readers.

And now for the stories. We hope your sinuses are clear. Be prepared for a mouth-watering experience!

First Prize: Working Holiday, by Toni

The author of “Working Holiday” uses journal entries to paint a distinct picture with sharp smells and vivid visuals. She tells a complete story in snippets that are funny and rich in detail. Feel the sand give way beneath your feet with the crashing of the waves, and smell the distinct odor of fish. Sex is at its best when it is spontaneous.

Second Prize: The Intervention, by Sarah Black

“The Intervention” is a hilarious attempt of a woman trying to get over her fear of fish solely to appease her lover. He loves the ocean and all its glorious smells. The narrator would rather be any place else. But love is about taking risks and dealing with the consequences. This author makes the consequences a riot!

Third Prize: Noisome Nooky, by Jim Baker

Not all the smells of sex are of roses and sweet juices. Even the most beautiful people can have smelly feet, especially if they’re trekking through Nepal. “Noisome Nooky” is an example of the aromas of literary erotica. It’s a unique setting and pays close attention to our theme.

Honorable Mentions

Can You Help A Guy Out?, by Big Ed Magusson

Take a regular guy, add a creative woman, toss in a few flowery smells and what do you get? You get a delightfully funny story called, “Can You Help a Guy Out?” Men will discover there’s a good reason to know your flowers, and women will be reminded that with a little creativity, they can always find a way to teach an old dog new tricks.

Asparagi Selvatici, by Leigh Amore

In “Asparagi Selvaggi” we trace the steps of one woman with a strong desire for another woman in her hiking class, but her desire isn’t of the ordinary variety. We are reminded of the Herculean efforts that some people will go to when they’re after the ultimate orgasm. In this story, scent really is the trigger.

Scented Lure, by Bryn Haniver

“Scented Lure” explores the sharks in the ocean as well as those on land that walk on two feet. With its heightened sense of smell leading the way, a shark can wriggle its way through nearly anything to get to its prey. Is that a gift or a weakness? One can never be sure.

The Essence of Hog in the Air, by Audrey West

Waking up to the smell of frying bacon. Certainly it is a pleasant, wholesome memory for many of us. But “The Essence of Hog in the Air” takes that smell and stands it on its ear in a riotous story of a truly unusual fetish.

Of Your Flesh, by Rae Mason

Cloves, spice, chocolate and smoky campfires wrap around us in “Of Your Flesh.” This story proves the sense of smell is the sense closest tied to memory, whether they’re old memories, or the making of new ones for one man with another. Need and space are cramped but lustfully satisfied.

Sweetness, by C.B. Allen

The scent of woman. However it’s described, there’s no denying its lure. In “Sweetness” one woman finds her heaven in the bounty of her lover’s cunt. Told in a stream of consciousness style, this story grabs us and lets us breathe what the narrator breathes. See what she sees. Feel what she feels.

Wild Ride, by Nic Singer

Sticky cotton candy, the smell of fried funnel cakes and Polish sausage – can you be anywhere but a county fair? “Wild Ride” smacks us right down in the middle of one of these summer traditions and delivers the heat and the fragrance of youthful memories – adult-style. Better get your ticket early before they’re all sold out.

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