2005 Erotic 2000-Word Short Story Contest Winners

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This has been one of our most popular contests ever. We received 250 stories, and Desdmona and Harry Neptune, our hard-working judges, burned the midnight oil to get through all the entries.

Fantasies rule the day on our winner’s list. Older woman and younger men, like in “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am,” by N.S. Faulk. Picking up a third sexual partner at the bumper car rink, like in “Fairground Fun” by Rachel Leigh. Revenge fantasies, like in Gwen Masters’ “Lunch.” And who can resist a little sex in the changing room, as in “Dressmaking,” by Veronica Arch.

Humor was also a winner in this contest. “The Big Bang,” by Lynn Lake, is as close to slap-stick comedy as we’ve ever had on our winners’ lists. Vinny Smith’s “Sam Smells Sex” is about a dog that won’t keep its nose to itself. Petula Caesar’s “Little Dick” is about a guy with … well … you can probably guess.

And we also had some darker stories. Sean MacReady’s “Homecoming” is about a soldier returning home from war and how those experiences change everything, including the sex life of a soldier’s wife. “Stockholm Syndrome,” from Fillmore, is a peek inside the head of the ultimate sexual submissive. “The Trial of Emily,” by Veronica Arch, is a sort of sexually-explicit version of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

Perhaps most encouraging is the number of new authors who submitted stories. Only one of our winners is a previous winner, and several winners this time are new to the world of erotica.

It’s a fine bunch of stories, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. When you read the stories, be sure to drop the authors a line.

As always, we want to thank everyone who submitted to our contest. There are so many good stories that didn’t make our top ten, but most certainly would be the winner in many minds that we encourage authors to seek other venues for their work.

First Prize: Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am, by NS Faulk

Strong women are taking control, or at least one strong woman is in N.S. Faulk’s, “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am,” and she’s doing it with style and humor. Liz is a single divorcee on a mission to satisfy a long, unfulfilled desire: sex with a young stud. The story glows because of the wit of Liz and because of the clash that happens when fantasy meets reality.

Second Prize: Fairground Fun, by Rachel Leigh

Sometimes a story grabs you from the very beginning because of the titillation. “Fairground Fun” by Rachel Leigh is one such story. It manages to build the seduction in the reader just as it builds for the characters. A husband and wife are at the Fair. Who knew through the smell of fried foods, the taste of sticky cotton candy, and the push of the crowds, that you could find a temptress waiting for you at the bumper cars?

Third Prize: Sam Smells Sex, by Vinny Smith

Vinny Smith tackles an age-old problem of what to do with pets while engaging in sex in “Sam Smells Sex.” Or maybe we should say the problem tackles him. Sam is a dog. We’re meant to laugh at this story, and it’s easy to do. Maybe it’s just because whenever the average guy tries to solve a mystery, there’s always going to be consequences.

Honorable Mentions

Little Dick, by Petula Caesar

Size matters – or at least it does in “Little Dick” by Petula Caesar – but maybe not in the way you might suspect. This story is entertaining not just because the sex is steamy, but also because it takes one of man’s oft-asked questions and deals with it through a woman’s perspective. The outcome is sure to please both sexes.

The Trial of Emily, by Veronica Arch

Occasionally an author will take a risk and that risk pays off. Veronica Arch’s “The Trial of Emily” is proof. The risk in this case is basing a sex story on a classic. Maybe this is the kind of story Arthur Miller would have liked to have told when he wrote The Crucible, or maybe this is just a completely different story, but the similarities remain. Sex may be a sin, but when it’s written like this, it’s a sin you will crave to commit.

Dressmaking, by Pippa Bennett

Marriage is a binding that scares us all, but in “Dressmaking” by Pippa Bennett, Sarah’s got pre-wedding jitters that have lasted for years. Can something as simple as the fitting of her wedding gown bring understanding and peace? It can when it’s done as sensually and as eye-opening as it’s done in this story. Grooms beware.

Lunch, by Gwen Masters

Is it ever a good idea to be sifting through photos of your husband with another woman while preparing his meal? Revenge can be so sweet, or maybe even nutritional, when it’s done right. In “Lunch” by Gwen Masters, it’s done to perfection. The real charm of this story is the woman refuses to become the victim. Smart women are such a turn-on.

Stockholm Syndrome, by Jim Reader

Some stories try to take on the dark side of sex. “Stockholm Syndrome” by Fillmore defines it. A young man and his sister attempt to rob and rape a woman living all alone, but the tables are turned and punishment is exacted. There’s more to this story than meets the eye, and when the layers are peeled away, brilliance shines through.

The Big Bang, by Lynn Lake

Comedy has the ability to make us forget the unbelievable and just enjoy the moment, and that’s what Lynn Lake accomplishes in “The Big Bang.” When a man is abducted by aliens, not once or twice, but several times, he’s bound to take things for granted, and that can be the best time for a bolt from the blue. The real surprise will be how often you find yourself giggling as you read along.

Homecoming, by Sean MacReady

The subject of war can push a lot of hot buttons, but what both sides of the debate can agree on is the individual soldier and the sacrifices he and his family make. Sean MacReady breathes life into one such family in “Homecoming,” and he does it with romance, regret, acceptance, and – most importantly – heart.

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